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Quitting smoking should be as easy as it was to start. Soon you will find out for yourself that it can be.

I look forward to helping your reclaim your money, time, health and life.

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Your sessions will be conducted via Zoom. This service is free to use (there is a paid version but we aren't using that one).

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Zoom is the live-chat service of choice for businesses, schools, and services of all types. I've looked into all of the popular video chat platforms and this is the best for what we're doing.

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Soon You WILL Become a Non-Smoker


Jeff Richards
Certified Hypnotist

Dedicated to helping you become a non-smoker

Jeff smoked for 20 years before he quit smoking. He didn’t have a hypnotist to help him so he knows how hard it can be…and that it doesn’t need to be that way.


With over 20 years of experience, Peak Performance Hypnosis is Central Ohio’s leader in stop-smoking hypnosis services.


Jeff Richards, your hypnotist, is a sought-after hypnosis trainer who presents his skills and techniques to hypnotists from around the world each year.


You get a lifetime service guarantee with Peak Performance Hypnosis. Those people who need it will get ongoing support & they'll never spend another dollar to quit smoking with us. Call for complete details.