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Jeff Richards
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Jeff smoked for 20 years before he quit smoking. He didn’t have a hypnotist to help him so he knows how hard it can be…and that it doesn’t need to be that way.


With over 18 years of experience, Peak Performance Hypnosis is Central Ohio’s leader is stop-smoking hypnosis services.


Jeff Richards, your hypnotist, is a sought-after hypnosis trainer who presents his skills and techniques to hypnotists from around the world each year.


You get a lifetime service guarantee with Peak Performance Hypnosis. Those people who need it will get ongoing support & they'll never spend another dollar to quit smoking with us. Call for complete details.

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Not everyone quits the same way. I customize each program to your triggers and your solutions.

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Hypnosis is a permanent solution, and the most effective way to stop forever.

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Be good to your heart and lungs. Quitting smoking means you start living!

Save Money

Hypnosis pays for itself with the money you used to spend tobacco.

The research confirms it...

Hypnosis is the most effective method to quit smoking

Performance by gender in a stop-smoking program combining hypnosis and aversion:

A study of 93 male and 93 female subjects examined the effectiveness of combining hypnosis and aversion treatments for smoking cessatioin. At a 3-month follow up, 86% of the men and 87% of the women reported continued abstinence from smoking.

Psychological Reports, 1994

Clinical Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation: Preliminary Results of a Three-Session Intervention:

Twenty-one individuals received hypnosis for smoking cessation. At the end of treatment, 81% reported that they had quit smoking.

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 2010

Freedom from smoking: Integrating hypnotic methods and rapid smoking to facilitate smoking cessation:

Of 43 smokers undergoing this treatment, 39 were still not smoking at follow-up (6 months to 3 years post-treatment). This represents a 90.6% success rate using hypnosis and a Rapid Smoking (RS) protocol.

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 2008

A Meta-Analytic Comparison of the Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Methods:

Meta-analysis was used to analyze the results from 633 smoking cessation studies. This involved 71,806 smokers who reported their results.

The effectiveness of hypnosis effectiveness was:

  • More than 2 times greater than “cold turkey”
  • More than 2 times greater than nicotine replacement
  • And 3 times greater than prescription medication.

The Journal of Applied Psychology, 1992

Guided Health Imagery for Smoking Cessation and Long-Term Abstinence:

A study of 71 smokers showed that, after a 2-year follow up, people who quit smoking using guided imagery were twice as likely to remain smoke-free than those who quit using counseling and educational sessions.

Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2005