Reset Your Relationship With Sugar


Take Control Over Sugar In Just 2 Hours Without Willpower or Cravings

Curb your sugar cravings for good with a proven program that is customized to your sugar goals

Break the endless cycle of eating too much sugar
Stop feeling guilty when saying “no” to sugar
Build healther habits
Make avoiding sugar effortless and easy
And much, MUCH, more

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"Jeffrey Richard’s is the best! He knows what he’s doing and I am now no longer addicted to sugar. It worked on me in 1 day, but you get 4 sessions. This is money well spent. I am free and I am so much more happier."

- Regina Evans
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You know how it is… If there’s sugar in the house, you eat it.

Does any of this sound like you?

You can’t walk past a bowl of candy without having some.

You eat a huge bowl of ice cream after a filling meal.

You ignore the candy bars at the checkout stand because you already have a shopping cart full of sweets.

You’ve tried to break free of these cravings before but it just seems impossible. You feel like you’ll never be able to stop no matter how bad it gets and no matter what it’s doing to your body.

If you’re nodding yes to any of the above, you’re not alone.

Six Factors To Breaking Free From Sugar’s Grasp

Sugar is everywhere and you can’t avoid it. The only thing you can do is change how you respond to those sugar opportunities. But changing your relationship with sugar requires many steps.

To successfully break your sugar addiction for good, you need to address ALL of these six factors...

Motivation and clarity

Discover the motivations behind your sugar habit. You're not broken! You just need a better strategy, and you can literally change the way you think about sugar with hypnosis

Sugar-Seeking Moments

Understand the triggers that cause you to seek out sugar and construct a more appropriate response to those moments

Encounter Sugar Moments

Develop instincts for properly handling the random (and frequent) occasions that sugar shows up in your life

Lifestyle Sugar Habits

Recognize the sugar habits that you’ve slowly developed over time and break the bad habits

Emotional Sugar Associations

Uncover your emotional connections with sugar and create new, positive links that encourage healthier drives.

Get Your Conscious and Subconscious Minds To Agree

Both parts of your mind need to agree that you don’t want to be addicted to sugar anymore. If your subconscious mind doesn’t agree, it’ll eventually get the sugar it desires.

Sugar Reset Covers All Six Factors

My Sugar Reset program covers all six factors without relying on will power alone. You're not stuck with your cravings. You can get back in control.

With Sugar Reset, you can quit sugar without pills, patches, or willpower! The program is a series of four hypnosis sessions designed to help you curb your craving for the sweet stuff.

You don't have to deprive yourself of sugar or feel guilty when saying “no” to it.

You Can Overcome Your Sugar Addiction

Imagine being able to…

  • Stop being a slave to a habit you hate
  • Quit worrying about what sugar is doing to your body
  • End sabotaging your efforts to look and feel the way you want to look and feel

Break the endless cycle of eating too much sugar.

Get Expert Guidance & Gain Power Over Sugar

Allow me to share some insights about your sugar addiction type and how that defines your path to success

Luis PennleyLuis Pennley
20:20 06 Jun 22
I'm a believer. And I'm an ex-smoker who got his life back because of Peak Performance hypnosis. Try it. You will be amazed. I was.
Greg HarrisGreg Harris
19:00 01 Jun 22
I just wanted to say thank you to Jeff for a great session last month. It has been almost exactly 4 weeks and I have not smoked any cigarettes or cigars. I’ve had some temptations for sure, but overall it has been much easier than any of my previous attempts at quitting. I absolutely believe that I will be smoke-free for the rest of my life. Thanks Jeff!
Jamison ChristianJamison Christian
01:42 18 Feb 22
Highly recommend for smoking cessation. Innovative therapy model that will work if you truly want to quit. Thanks for the freedom Jeff.
mandy lawrencemandy lawrence
16:21 23 Dec 21
Very helpful! Goes the extra mile to understand your issues and to help fix them. Very intelligent, great listener and gteat to talk to. Highly recommend!!!
Regina EvansRegina Evans
14:22 25 Jun 21
Jeffrey Richard’s is the best! He knows what he’s doing and I am now no longer addicted to sugar. It worked on me in 1day, but you get 4 sessions. This is money well spent. I am free and I am so much more happier.

Why the Sugar Reset program is so effective

Breaking sugar addiction is more complex than telling yourself “don’t eat sugar” over and over again.

Look, willpower is good for many, many things. But changing your life is not one of those things. When you use willpower, you are constantly having to be on your guard. All of those triggers that you have around sugar still exist. You're just making a conscious effort to fight them.

You walk past a candy bowl and have to tell yourself… “Don’t eat it.” You’re at a birthday party and have to tell yourself… “Only one piece of cake.” You walk through the cookie aisle at a store… “Don’t buy any cookies.” And it goes on and on.

The Sugar Reset Program works because it works with your unconscious mind. Breaking through the part of your mind that keeps coming up with excellent excuses and justifications for having more and more sugar. Helping you change your behaviors in a way that is easy, fast and permanent.

All-natural way to control your sugar habits

Sugar Reset works through hypnosis, an all-natural process for changing your behaviors. The program doesn’t require pills, patches, or supplements of any kind to make this change. This is just resetting to a better balance with sugar.

The Sugar Reset Program is a completely natural way to keep your sugar intake under control or out of your life for good.

Ready to break free from your sugar addiction?

You're not stuck with your cravings. Discover your sugar addiction type to get back in control.

What happens during your sessions

Your Sugar Reset sessions can be in-person or online (via Zoom). Your first session starts with discussing your goals and your challenges, including what you've tried so far, what worked, and what hasn't.

I also guide you through some simple exercises to reveal your thinking process and habits, not just as it pertains to sugar. This gives me a better understanding of the processes that cause you to do what you're doing now, enabling me to change your relationship with sugar in a natural and normal way for you. By the time we're done, avoiding sugar will be effortless, without willpower or guilt.

Jeffrey Richards Columbus Hypnotist

Why choose Peak Performance Hypnosis…


With over 19 years of experience, Peak Performance Hypnosis is Central Ohio’s leader in mental coaching for athletic excellence and Jeff Richards is one the most respected hypnotists in the Midwest. Jeff has trained with the top sports psychotherapist in the world and holds certifications in medical hypnosis and other specialties, ensuring that you get every advantage you need in every area of your life.


Jeff Richards is a sought-after hypnotist with the flexibility to work with athletes at every level, regardless of your needs and goals. He works with students, Olympic hopefuls, and professional athletes, helping each to bring out their best. He teaches other hypnotists from around the world and has been selected to be the director of hypnosis standards for the Hypnosis World organization.


Every athlete is unique, with your own goals and challenges. The solution to your problem needs to be uniquely yours as well. At Peak Performance Hypnosis, we listen, we understand, and we create personalized solutions to help you achieve excellence in your sport and in your life.


A sports hypnotist works with you every step of the way. You’ll work on any mental obstacles you may have and you’ll also learn tools to use whenever you need them, in practice, in competition, and in life. Sometimes your sports hypnotist will help you work in a particular issue, but it’s usual for an athlete to work with your hypnotist for an entire season or longer.

Say “no thanks” to sugar and feel great about it

Break through old habits and get a better balance in your life with Sugar Reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sugar Reset program is completely customized to your sugar goals. You can completely eliminate sugar from your life, whether for medical reasons or simply as a matter of personal choice. If your goal is to take control of your relationship with sugar, I can do that too, to the point where you can have a single piece of cake and not want another. Or have a couple of cookies and be satisfied with that. This doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing thing. This is not necessarily sugar abstinence. It is giving you back control over sugar.

Stop trying to avoid sugar through will power alone

Break through the nagging force that craves sugar.
Change your habits with a proven program that’s natural for you.