Get Out of Your Head & Back into the Game!

Hypnosis is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to help you achieve those goals

You've worked hard to get where you are in your sport. So it can be exceptionally frustrating when you haven't been able to break through a mental barrier. These are the times when a mindset coach can help.

I love working with athletes. You're great hypnotic subjects. You understand your goals and challenges. You're more aware of your thoughts and actions in your sport and you're highly motivated to do what it takes to get your goals...even if what it takes is to start thinking differently.

Whatever your goals, hypnosis can help. Click the link below to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, over-the-phone assessment and consultation today.

Jeffrey Richards Columbus Hypnotist

Why choose Peak Performance Hypnosis…


With over 20 years of professional experience, Peak Performance Hypnosis is Central Ohio’s leader in mental coaching and hypnosis, and Jeff Richards is one of the most respected hypnotists in the Midwest. Jeff has trained with the top hypnotherapists in the world and holds certifications in medical hypnosis and other specialties, ensuring that you get every advantage you need in every area of your life.


Jeff Richards is a sought-after hypnotist with the skills and training to help you succeed, whatever your needs and goals, or what you may have tried before. He is the founder of the first Central Ohio hypnosis practice group, is a faculty member of several hypnosis conferences, and has been selected to be the director of hypnosis standards for the Hypnosis World organization.


Every person is unique, with your own goals and challenges. The solution to your problem needs to be uniquely yours as well. At Peak Performance Hypnosis, we listen, we understand, and we create personalized solutions to help you achieve your goals.


A hypnotist works with you not just to overcome your limits but to also help you to excel and reach new goals. You’ll work on any mental obstacles you may have and you’ll also learn tools to use whenever and wherever you need them.

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