Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Jeff Richards

Are you dealing with sugar addiction? Do you feel like you can’t pass a candy dish or a plate of cookies without helping yourself to one…or two…or five?

Maybe you try to justify your actions by telling yourself that you need some quick energy or that you deserve a treat, but the part of you that looks at your ever-expanding waistline knows differently. That part knows that it’s time for a change.

You know what you should be doing. If only you had the willpower to make yourself do it!

If this sounds like you, I have some good news. There is a solution to your problem and you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of anything or making yourself do anything to don’t want to do. That solution is hypnosis.

Before I go into why hypnosis is the easiest, fastest, and most-effective way to handle your sugar cravings, let’s talk about why it works better than everything else that you’ve tried to tame those sugar cravings.

If you’re like most people, your first experiences with sugar were positive and happy ones. Maybe it was a birthday party or a holiday get-together or you were given a cookie or a piece of candy as a reward. And your mind created a connection between that happy feeling and sugar. So now every time you want to feel happier, your mind has a solution: have sugar = feel good. Cake, candy, pie, ice cream, chocolate, cookies…whatever your go-to sugar “fix” has been, this is how it got started.

Your mind doesn’t understand that the good feeling exists independently of the sugar because of the connection it created in your past, and no amount of willpower or self-control is going to change that. Sure, you can use willpower to make yourself do something you don’t want to do, but then you’re stuck needing to remember to use willpower every time that connection is triggered. Willpower is great for making yourself take a dose of bad-tasting medicine or reaching into a dirty toilet to fish out your phone. But if there was a way to break free from those sugar cravings that is easy, natural, and permanent, wouldn’t that be better?

Hypnosis is that better way. Hypnosis is a process that allows your conscious mind and unconscious mind to agree to the same message. When you’re hypnotized, you’ll receive powerful, positive suggestions to eliminate those old habits and create new ways of thinking that will help you to turn sugar (and other simple carbs) into a “sometimes” thing that you only eat when you choose to eat it, or even turn it into something you eliminate forever.

The changes you’ll experience through hypnosis are as long-lasting as the habits you’re trying to change, so what are you waiting for? Click here to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation with a professional hypnotist. 

You know you’re ready for a change. Hypnosis can make that change more easily than you ever thought possible. Schedule your consultation today.

Jeff Richards