Golf Hypnosis | Relax and Play Better

Jeff Richards

Golf and hypnosis are a natural combination, and many golfers are discovering that just a few sessions of “golf hypnosis” with a qualified hypnotist can result in big improvements in your game.

Professional golfers will work with mental coaches, often hypnotherapists who specialize in working with athletes, to get the most out of their golf lessons. A mental coach helps you adjust your mindset so you can take the fullest advantage of the golf skills you have spent so much time learning and perfecting.

Serious amateur golfers are discovering that working with a sports hypnotist can help you improve your “inner game” more quickly and easily than golf practice alone, and the nominal cost is more than offset by the time saved in maximizing your performance.

Golfers at all levels — professional, amateur, collegiate and high school — have learned what serious athletes in other sports have known for years: that hypnosis is a real-world solution for achieving peak performance in sport, business, school, and life.

Many people know about the entertainment side of hypnosis and others know that hypnosis can help you stop smoking and lose weight. And as more people realize how hypnosis can help you achieve results in other ways, hypnosis for the mental game of golf and other sports is entering the mainstream.

Tiger Woods is the best-known example of a professional golfer who achieved excellence with the help of a hypnotist. Tiger began working with a sports hypnotist at the age of eight, and this helped him to develop his ability to mentally rehearse perfectly dealing with every kind of situation he might encounter on the golf course. Golf hypnosis helped him develop an expectation of excellence on the golf course at all times, which gave him the confidence that carried him to success so early in his career.

Athletes have long known that hypnosis helps to achieve relaxed focus, and this is especially helpful in golf where stress is the greatest barrier to your best game of golf.

If you want to shave strokes off your game, lower your score and look like a pro on the course, Peak Performance Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for a no-cost, over-the-phone hypnosis assessment.


Jeff Richards